The most recent Dez Bryant rumor (thanks to former teammate Jason Witten ) had the Green Bay Packers being a possible destination.

jets_028But Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pretty much¬†indicated that won’t happen.

Tepper, a Pittsburgh native of modest upbringing, built himself into a billionaire by 2003 by successfully gambling on the distressed debts of bankrupt companies such as Enron and WorldCom. But in 2010, his firm pocketed $7 billion on a single deal, and almost overnight, a man who occasionally berated employees and other times flung breast implants at them had become a regular personality on cable news financial shows.

For two hours, Lewis’ eyes are stuck in that scowl. He goes full Bobby Knight, yelling and sighing and pacing and constantly peppering his son with orders from about 20 yards away.

When one teammate flips an underhand ball to him at second, Jazz drops it, and his dad loses it. He two-hand smacks the plastic yellow cover over the fence and screams, Pay attention!with the same cold scowl that used to intimidate linebackers in the AFC. As Lewis steps away from the fence, boiling with rage, a few parents glance his direction.

On the surface, this is a dad who needs a reality check. Part of you feels like putting a hand on his shoulder to remind him that, hello, these are eight-year-olds. But that reaction would completely misconstrue this entire situation.

His son smiles and darts ahead with his sister, Ivana, to Javen’s AAU basketball practice at the adjacent rec center. Inside, Lewis brings up his old teammate Shannon Sharpe’s Hall of Fame speech. In that speech, Sharpe apologized to his kids for not being in their lives enough. The words struck a chord, because neither was Lewis, especially for Javen and his oldest daughter, who’s now 23.