Malcolm Butler sees some Belichick in Mike Vrabel

It’s probably not an overstatement to say that Malcolm Butler is a Titan this year because of Bill Belichick.

What’s a bit surprising is how excited he is that his new coach so resembles his old one.

Butler slipped off the Tennessee on a lucrative free agent deal (five years, $61 million), after he spent the Super Bowl in Belichick’s doghouse watching Nick Foles strafe the Patriots defense. But he had nothing but praise for Titans rookie coach Mike Vrabel, who played for Belichick eight years and is well-versed in the Patriot way.

The Vikings finished undefeated in the preseason, outscoring opponents 129-50, the highest margin of any team that summer. While the preseason is not necessarily an indicator of what’s to come, those inside the Vikings locker room had a feeling that this team was special. Everyone, except maybe for Moss, was preparing for a career-defining ride as the Vikings throttled the Buccaneers in the season-opener and went on to win their first seven games by a combined total of 125 points.

Cris Carter: Randy was missing from the pregame meal Week 1 down in Tampa. I found him and I’m like, Why didn’t you go to pre-game meal?’ He was like, I was playing video games. I said, Well, there’s attendance down there, so now the team thinks you’re AWOL. He’s like, Aw man. So I ask him, Did you get a meal? What are you going to eat before the game?

I learned I need to handle players, and work with players, better, McAdoo writes. Take Odell Beckham Jr. I needed to be better for him personally, as a coordinator and head coach. I was too busy trying to scheme ways to get him the ball, especially early in my time in New York, that I didn’t step back and see the big picture the way I should have. Odell’s so passionate, and cares so much, and that emotion hurts him at times on game day. I should have seen my job with Odell was more than simply X’s and O’s; it was also helping Odell the person. He is not only a generational talent, but also bright and well-read, and I let him down early in his career. I will not make that mistake again.

New Giants head coach Pat Shurmur will need to do better than McAdoo. Getting the ball in Beckham’s hands is the easy part, but there’s more to coaching than that.

Doug Baldwin, Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins and Benjamin Watson, for finding a crafty way to answer the President’s request—and ask for pardons for larger groups of people, not just individuals. So much of what they wrote is in simple, common-sense terms. And no matter where your political feelings are, what’s great about what this group of players has been doing is that they’ve taken the collateral gained from the protests of the last two years and smartly leveraged it to accomplish their goals, which doesn’t always happen in these situations.