Drafting the candidates for offensive rookie of the year

The odds are out for 2018 NFL offensive rookie of the year. Which inspired Monday’s PFT Live draft.

Who are the best candidates to win the award this year?

Simms lost the toss, and he then proceeded to lose the draft, in dramatic (almost embarrassing) fashion. You can witness the carnage by checking out the video.

And make your own case for potential rookies of the year in the comments. Or just make fun of Simms.

It’s just simple to me, Sanchez said. “It’s about not swinging at bad pitches and looking for good pitches to hit in the zone and making sure if I get those, not miss them and make good contact.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban predicted on CNBC that legalized gambling will result in the doubling of the value of sports teams in each of the four major leagues: NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Ted Leonsis, owner of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NHL’s Washington Capitals, separately said on CNBC that the development will specifically help the NFL.

“This should reinvigorate the NFL and drive value into teams,” Leonsis said on CNBC. “You have 11 players on defense and offense, each doing a discrete action, and then there’s 30 seconds in between plays. Now all of a sudden football can be reborn.”

It be reborn as a modern-day sort of jai alai, with the human combatants the subject of real-time bets tied not only to the outcome of the game but to the outcome of each and every play. That same approach can apply in baseball; Cuban said it will actually be fun to go to a baseball game again). For basketball and hockey, it will be more difficult to break the betting opportunities into specific segments.bucks_515